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Police Sketches of Our Era.

by ml22

Police sketch I Police sketch II Police sketch III Police sketch IIII

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Certain Other Areas II

by ml22

hearthy XXIIII - Someday hearthy XXV - Moon and Shadows hearthy XXVI - From Ireland hearthy XXVII - Desert fellings hearthy XXVIII -Green Shadows hearthy XXVIIII - Lonely Night hearthy XXXI - Shattered April

Artist Hearthy, aka Ismael Pimenta.


by ml22





Original photography by Matt Leahy, aka KaHealy.

Exquisite Plasma.

by ml22

Miloslav Druckmuller II - eclipse

Miloslav Druckmuller I - eclipse

Composite photography of a solar eclipse by Miloslav Druckmüller.

Too Dark Altogether

by Thrustus Simmonds

Darkened Cities V


Darkened Cities VI


Darkened Cities IIII


Thierry Cohen‘s Darkened Cities project.

One Of These Days.

by Thrustus Simmonds

Hearthy VIII - One Of These Days

hearthy XII - Darkness Days

Hearthy XV - Home

Photomanipulations by Hearthy.


by ml22

42K I - Purge The Unclean

42K II - Circles Of Mania

Art by 42K.

Certain Other Areas.

by Thrustus Simmonds

Hearthy XXI - Moon and the Melodies


Hearthy XI - Inmost Time


Hearthy XIIII - World In Change


by Hearthy {Ismael Pimenta}.

Particular Areas.

by Thrustus Simmonds

Hearthy VI - One Lonely Room

Hearthy IIII - Dream About Her

Hearthy VII - Broken Windows

Ismael Pimenta {Hearthy}.

Ladies and Gentlemen, We Are Floating In Space.

by Mr Argus Jones

earth IIIearth I

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