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Yuri Shwedoff.

by ml22

Yuri Shwedoff I Yuri Shwedoff II Yuri Shwedoff III Yuri Shwedoff IIII Yuri Shwedoff VYuri Shwedoff VI - Glow

Artist/photomanipulator Yuri Shwedoff.


Entities and Whatnot.

by ml22

Trees IaaItems Iaa characters I Items II


by ml22

moon I moon Ia moon Iaa

Sarolta Bán.

by ml22

Sarolta Bán II Sarolta Bán III Sarolta Bán IIII Sarolta Bán VI Sarolta Bán VIIII Sarolta Bán X Sarolta Bán XI Sarolta Bán XII Sarolta Bán XIII Sarolta Bán XIIII Sarolta Bán XV Sarolta Bán XVI Sarolta Bán XVII Sarolta Bán XVIII Sarolta Bán XVIIII Sarolta Bán XX Sarolta Bán XXI Sarolta Bán XXIISarolta Bán XXXIIISarolta Bán XXXIIIISarolta Bán XXVIISarolta Bán XXVIIISarolta Bán XXXISarolta Bán XXXII Sarolta Bán XXIII Sarolta Bán XXVSarolta Bán XXVI Sarolta Bán XXXV Sarolta Bán XXXVI

Artist’s portfolio can be found here.

Kasia Derwinska II

by ml22

Kasia Derwinska VI Kasia Derwinska VII

Kasia Derwinska VIIIKasia Derwinska VIIIIKasia Derwinska IIKasia Derwinska XIII Kasia Derwinska III Kasia Derwinska IIIIKasia Derwinska XIIIIKasia Derwinska XV Kasia Derwinska V

Artist’s portfolio here.

That One House.

by ml22

Clarisse Rockford I - House On The Hill

by Clarisse Rockford.

Not dissimilar to the work of Hearthy.

Certain Other Areas II

by ml22

hearthy XXIIII - Someday hearthy XXV - Moon and Shadows hearthy XXVI - From Ireland hearthy XXVII - Desert fellings hearthy XXVIII -Green Shadows hearthy XXVIIII - Lonely Night hearthy XXXI - Shattered April

Artist Hearthy, aka Ismael Pimenta.

Intentionally Lost.

by ml22

Intentionally Lost I

Intentionally Lost II

{via Intentionally Lost}.

Too Dark Altogether

by Thrustus Simmonds

Darkened Cities V


Darkened Cities VI


Darkened Cities IIII


Thierry Cohen‘s Darkened Cities project.

One Of These Days.

by Thrustus Simmonds

Hearthy VIII - One Of These Days

hearthy XII - Darkness Days

Hearthy XV - Home

Photomanipulations by Hearthy.