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Certain Kinds of Things.

by ml22

Nemo Gould I Nemo Gould II Nemo Gould III Nemo Gould IIII Nemo Gould V Nemo Gould VI Nemo Gould VII Nemo Gould VIII Nemo Gould VIIII

Sculptor Nemo Gould.


Clifford Last.

by ml22

Clifford Last I

Clifford Last II

The Guardian Bronze

by ml22

Vincas Jomantas I

Vincas Jomantas II

Sculptor Vincas Jomantas.


by Thrustus Simmonds

Ron Ulicny II - Coalescent Preservation


Ron Ulicny I - Confined Canvas


Art sculpture by Ron Ulicny.


by ml22

Giuseppe Randazzo.

( via But Does It Float )