the shadow of your shadow…..

Yuri Shwedoff.

by ml22

Yuri Shwedoff I Yuri Shwedoff II Yuri Shwedoff III Yuri Shwedoff IIII Yuri Shwedoff VYuri Shwedoff VI - Glow

Artist/photomanipulator Yuri Shwedoff.


Intentionally Lost.

by ml22

intentionally lost I Intentionally Lost II Intentionally Lost III Intentionally Lost IIIIIntentionally Lost XIII Intentionally Lost V Intentionally Lost VI Intentionally Lost VII Intentionally Lost XIntentionally Lost VIIIIntentionally Lost XIIII Intentionally Lost VIIII

by Intentionally Lost.

Mindboggling Fungi.

by ml22

Mushroom I Mushroom II Mushroom III Mushroom IIII Mushroom V Mushroom VI

via BoredPanda.

Certain Kinds of Things.

by ml22

Nemo Gould I Nemo Gould II Nemo Gould III Nemo Gould IIII Nemo Gould V Nemo Gould VI Nemo Gould VII Nemo Gould VIII Nemo Gould VIIII

Sculptor Nemo Gould.

Entities and Whatnot.

by ml22

Trees IaaItems Iaa characters I Items II


by ml22

moon I moon Ia moon Iaa

Distant Fears.

by ml22

Klaudia Gottwald I Klaudia Gottwald II Klaudia Gottwald III Klaudia Gottwald IIII Klaudia Gottwald V Klaudia Gottwald VI Klaudia Gottwald VII Klaudia Gottwald VIII

Artist Klaudia Gottwald.

Whisper Vapors.

by ml22

Bette-Burgoyne--Clathrus-Morning Bette-Burgoyne--Primordia Bette-Burgoyne--Whisper-VaporBette-Burgoyne VI - Persona copy

Bette-Burgoyne IIII - Big Drop

Bette-Burgoyne V - Whom copy

Artist Bette Burgoyne.


by ml22

Pools, by Steps Ahead. Featuring Michael Brecker on tenor sax.


So What.

by ml22

So What, Stockholm 1960.  John Coltrane and Miles Davis.

The greatest version yet heard.